Proudly Supporting the Backbone of Our Nation: Small Businesses

Small Claims, Civil, Landlord-Tenant, Collections, Traffic Cases & More

The U.S. is home to over 30 million small businesses — that equals 58.9 million American jobs (SBA 2018 Research)!

As a woman-owned business, TurboCourt is proud to support millions of small businesses that have become the backbone of our nation’s enterprise.

Comprehensive Legal Tools for Small Business

Running a small business is hard work that consumes a tremendous amount of energy and time. Unfortunately, It’s common for small business owners to face legal matters that distract them from the business at hand.

TurboCourt helps small businesses simplify their own legal affairs quickly and easily, because as we know: time is money.

Error-Proof, Guided Filing Assistance 24×7, without going to the courthouse

With TurboCourt’s guided online experience, small businesses can initiate and respond to legal actions, avoiding the cost of legal representation and saving time and travel expenses.

TurboCourt’s Intelligent Filing methodology guides small business filers with clear instructions and how-to guides, then checks responses for compliance and generates 100% error-free court forms for business and other legal actions, quickly and easily.

Negotiate Dispute Resolutions Online & Avoid Courthouse Trips

The NEW TurboCourt Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solution combines the award-winning TurboCourt Intelligent Guided Filing with a virtual negotiation workspace and mediator support platform accessible 24×7 from any internet-connected device, even smart phones. Parties can initiate, negotiate, mediate and settle legal matters online, avoiding costly trips to the courthouse for filing, meetings and trials.

Start Solving Your Legal Problems Here

The Intelligent Legal Tool Every Small Business Owner Needs

“TurboCourt is a lifesaver! I could easily prepare my legal documents from the comfort of my home office… And we even reached an agreement without stepping foot into a courthouse!!Where has this tool been all my life!?? Amazing!!” – Small Business Owner & TurboCourt Filer

About Us

At TurboCourt, our mission is to transform courts to the digital world through interactive, virtual technology that improves access to justice for individuals, law firms and organizations.

Courts, public sector agencies, and state & local government teams across the nation are utilizing award-winning TurboCourt and Now Turbo-ODR to maximize productivity, save staff resources and improve services.  

We work collaboratively with clients to utilize technology that solves the challenges courts and agencies face today, and tomorrow.

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