Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor announced the launch of TurboCourt – Los Angeles Superior Court’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solution for parties in unlawful detainer (eviction) cases.  The ODR helps self-represented (SRL) and represented parties to resolve disputes online, for free, and without court intervention.

Following the successful introduction of ODR in Small Claims cases, Los Angeles Superior Court expanded to Evictions (Unlawful Detainer) cases using TurboCourt ODR integrated with court systems including identity management, efiling, and CMS.

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ODR is configured to present case participants with a simple step-by-step guided interactive workflow to resolve their dispute.

Case participants use the TurboCourt ODR platform to:

  • Confidentially exchange documents
  • Make and negotiate offers
  • Collaborate via web conferencing
  • Chat
  • Request mediator’s involvement and more.

Once a resolution is reached by all parties, TurboCourt ODR automatically generates the required forms for a settlement document per court business rules. When finalized, the agreement is electronically filed with the court, creating a fully paperless, on-line interaction for all involved.

TurboCourt ODR is mobile-friendly, enabling litigants to use their smartphones and provides multi-lingual options. A Spanish language version for LASC-ODR will be available soon.