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Comprehensive, Affordable Legal Services for Businesses & Individuals

Legal matters need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Thousands of business owners and leaders rely on TurboCourt to prepare and file accurate, complete case filings FAST! File small claims, civil, landlord / tenant cases and more online.

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For over 15 years, TurboCourt developers have partnered with court practitioners, legal professionals and individuals like you, to develop user-friendly guided interviews online for each case type, including small claims, landlord/tenant, civil, family law, and others, easily and securely.

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Comprehensive Online Dispute Resolution For Your Court & Filers. TurboCourt ODR is One Complete Platform For Negotiations, Mediations, Settlements & Case Adjudication.

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Prepare and submit your divorce, child support, small claims, civil & other court cases online. Registration is free and easy. We’ll guide you through each step of the way!
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