TurboCourt ODR is One Complete Platform For Negotiations, Mediations, Settlements & Case Adjudication

Robust System Architecture

Designed using components-based architecture, TurboCourt’s Online Filing and Dispute Resolution platform easily connects with all court IT systems, both vendor and court developed.

Documents & data flow seamlessly between court filing, ODR and case management systems. It’s easy to start with one case type, and then add others later:

  • Small Claims
  • Civil
  • Contracts
  • Debt Collections
  • Traffic
  • Plea Agreements
  • Landlord – Tenant
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • And More

Easy to Configure & Support

Deployment and support are easy with TurboCourt’s ODR which features uninterrupted maintenance and high availability.

With TurboCourt ODR, your court can route cases from the negotiation environment, over to mediator support automatically

Setup your negotiation timeframes automatically, too. TurboCourt ODR supports both party-to-party and mediator-involved negotiation.

High-Performance & Scalability

TurboCourt’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Solution is accessible 365x24x7 with 99.99% reliability. Court teams can opt to onboard all or some case types, and then expand as you wish.

TurboCourt is a sophisticated platform that increases access to court services and increases efficiency. As a “Go-To” entry point, TurboCourt empowers filers to interact and complete all their court business online, 24×7. 

Your Partner in Technological Transformation

TurboCourt is more than just a vendor. We partner with courts in 18 states across the United States to help them transition to a new technological frontier, leveraging:

  • Advanced intelligent filing solutions
  • Online dispute resolution functionality
  • Seamless integration solutions

For Court Teams, it’s especially important that TurboCourt and Turbo ODR are fully mature, and provide ALL support and partnership services to ensure a “WOW” experience.

Seamlessly Integrate All Activities Into One Platform

Automatically map data from guided forms preparation and filing to the ODR platform, including connectivity to an online mediator if desired, enabling all participants to:

  • Communicate issues and exchange documents
  • Propose terms and conditions to enable a settlement
  • Reach an agreement themselves, or access mediator support online
  • Generate a TurboCourt prepared settlement agreement with the click of a button for case disposition
  • If no settlement is reached, TurboCourt automatically returns the case to court for hearing and adjudication

User-Friendly & Intuitive

TurboCourt ODR offers step-by-step intuitive plain language guidance, helping everyone seamlessly navigate the dispute resolution journey online.

Filer-Friendly Features:

  • Electronic Payments Processing
  • Activity Notifications Via Text, Email
  • Cloud-Based, Mobile-Friendly
  • Easy, Step-by-Step Workflow
  • ADA-compliance with Web Accessibility Standards
  • Electronic Signatures

Mediator Support Online:

  • TurboCourt ODR can refer cases automatically to mediators based on court settings
  • Authorized mediators securely access case information and communication pathways to parties. One on one and group communications as needed.
  • Automatically generated settlement agreements and proposed orders for mediators to use.

Data and Statistics:

Data-centric automation helps improve business processes. Customizable dashboards help leaders gain business insights. Court teams can even develop mediation performance measures with ease.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Prepare Your Case

Prepare and submit your filing with the court using TurboCourt’s online filing tool. A quick, easy & fully-guided process. Learn more here

2. Negotiate & Mediate

All parties involved negotiate online, with mediator support available on-demand. Flexible workflow and business-based configurations included.

3. Reach an Agreement

Upon a settlement, TurboCourt auto-generates all necessary forms: completed agreements, parenting plans, support arrangements, & more.

4. Or Resume in Court

If no settlement is reached, TurboCourt automatically moves your case from ODR back to case processing for adjudication. No lost time or effort!

Today’s filer wants fast, fair and easy resolution to their dispute, without a costly court appearance. Today’s court needs it all under one roof.


“TurboCourt’s embedded support information helps the filer every step of the way. Right on the homepage, filers see visual instructions, program details, FAQs, safety and security information, videos, & a dedicated support desk… all just a click away.

Jackie Waters, New Hampshire e-Court Program Director

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