eFiling Pilot Launched May 1, 2019 for Connecticut Probate Courts 

May 9, 2019 – Say farewell to paper, lost files and waiting in long lines at the courthouse to file your probate cases. On Wednesday, May 1st, five of the  Connecticut Probate Courts began piloting the TurboCourt intelligent, automated iFiling solution for Decedent Estates. More Connecticut Probate Courts and case types to follow!

Connecticut Probate Administration & Intresys have partnered to bring TurboCourt Intelligent Filing for all probate filers in a matter of months.  

TurboCourt is proud to continue partnering with the Connecticut Probate Court electronic filing program, increasing court efficiency and improving filer satisfaction. 

Stay tuned for more TurboCourt launches in Connecticut and across the country. Go Digital! Go TurboCourt!

Significant Staff and Time Savings for Courts
Get filers on-line and out of your lines

– Error free filings  
– Faster reviews & corrections
– No phone calls, mailed notices or emails
– Rapid go-Live, High ROI