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End-to-End Platform Ensures Success Every Step Of The Way!

Today’s filers expect fast, fair, and easy resolution to their disputes. Courts win with ODR and traditional court adjudication solutions under one roof. TurboCourt now offers that and more–Your court’s SINGLE SOLUTION for all outcomes!

Filing + Settlement + Adjudication on 1 platform!

TurboCourt’s award-winning iFiling solution has beenWOW’ing court teams and self-represented litigants for two decades. Now, TurboCourt offers Online Dispute Resolution for one complete solution; seamlessly integrating forms preparation, electronic filing, negotiation, mediation, settlement and case adjudication.

End to End Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Maximizes Citizen Engagement

TurboCourt’s comprehensive platform helps courts increase public trust, engagement and achieve:

  • Fairness for self-represented litigants
  • Specialized automation tools that solve court problems
  • Flexible workflows
  • Case processing and dispute resolution
  • Ease-of-use
  • Interface with court systems
  • 24×7 accessibility to reduce travel time and expense

Partnering With Courts In Strategy, Support, Innovation and Success!

TurboCourt is more than just a vendor. We have partnered  with courts in many states across the nation for over two decades helping them transition to a new technological frontier.

Modular Design Seamlessly Connects Data Across All Court Systems

Founded on components-based architecture, TurboCourt’s platform easily connects with all court IT systems, both vendor and court-developed.

Documents and data flow seamlessly between court filing, ODR and case management systems.

The Comprehensive Technology Platform Every Court Need



“TurboCourt’s embedded support information helps the filer every step of the way. Right on the homepage, filers see visual instructions, program details, FAQs, safety and security information, videos, & a dedicated support desk… all just a click away.” –  Jackie Waters, New Hampshire e-Court Program Director


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About Us

At TurboCourt, our mission is to transform courts to the digital world through interactive, virtual technology that improves access to justice for individuals, law firms and organizations.

Courts, public sector agencies, and state & local government teams across the nation are utilizing award-winning TurboCourt and Now Turbo-ODR to maximize productivity, save staff resources and improve services.  

We work collaboratively with clients to utilize technology that solves the challenges courts and agencies face today, and tomorrow.