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AZTurboCourt announces mandatory e-filing for attorneys filing civil case types in Pima County, AZ (the 2nd most populous county in the state!)

**Effective April 20, 2015 for attorneys whose firm name begins with the letters A-M. Effective May 26, 2015 for those whose firm name begins with letters N-Z.**

For a list of case types and documents excluded from the mandatory e-filing requirement, see Administrative Order 2015-32 (amending A.O. 2015-11).

Pima County joins Maricopa County Superior Court, already using mandatory Civil e-Filing with AZTurboCourt. Read more

Benefits of Civil e-Filing by TurboCourt:

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  • 100% Error-Free Forms
    Courts receive complete, accurate forms from the start, saving valuable staff review time.
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    Seamless integration with case processing means files are transmitted electronically, and accessible where needed.
  • Easy For Filers
    Intelligent interview technology accessible from any internet-connected device, and enhanced customer service.