Free, Safe, Immediate Access to Petitions & Protective Orders

TurboCourt’s Domestic Violence / Protection From Abuse (DVPFA) service is a groundbreaking, internet-based tool for domestic violence online petitions, empowering Florida victims to submit all petitions & draft orders online.

This type of filing is free for domestic violence petitioners. The program was started in early 2015 as a pilot site, and TurboCourt is proudly expanding statewide throughout Florida.

TurboCourt Domestic Violence Online Petition Tool Features:

Developer’s Note

Intresys Corp implemented its Domestic Violence/Protection from Abuse (DVPFA) services, using the TurboCourt Platform™ and is fully web-based, requiring only a standard browser and no special software.

DVPFA supports IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and most mobile Windows and Android devices as well as the iPad®.

  • Increased Safety
    Internet-based platform for victims to submit filings from any location: home, family support agency or community center, without traveling to courthouse.
  • Immediate Access
    Enables immediate access and printing of the order of protection from any computer, eliminating travel to courthouse or postal service delays.
  • Automatic Notifications
    Notifies filer when a protective order has been served on the respondent, enabling the victim an opportunity to seek safe shelter. Also, notifies law enforcement agencies when a protective order has been entered, providing an electronic copy for expedited service.
  • Child Support Assistance
    Allows filers to electronically submit custody modifications, child support and visitation schedule requests, online.

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