TurboCourt iFiling Expands Across Texas

The eyes of Texas are upon TurboCourt as the iFiling roll-out continues to expand statewide. As of February 2016, TurboCourt iFiling is available for filers of uncontested divorces in Travis, Hidalgo, Jim Wells, Victoria and several other Texas Counties, with each remaining county being added to the posse weekly.

TurboCourt iFiling is award-winning electronic court filing technology that makes complex court filing easy with a guided, Q&A-style experience without the inconvenience of traveling to the courthouse, missing work, parking and waiting in lines.

iFiling Helps Courts & Filers Alike

Instead of an overwhelming stack of blank forms to fill in, TurboCourt iFiling guides filers through a personalized online interview. Simple, non-legal questions prompt the filer, then TurboCourt automatically prepares and generates all necessary court forms for the filer, 100% accurate & error-free!

With iFiling, filers only have to provide repetitive information a single time (ie: date of birth, address, etc.), reducing the chance for errors & rework.

Proactive error-checking occurs before filers submit paperwork to the court, ensuring courts receive 100% error-free forms every time.

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Filer Benefits Are Unique, Vast

  • Innovative, guided online forms preparation
  • Q&A-style interview
  • Free electronic filing
  • 24/7 filing and access to electronically-filed documents
  • Online tracking with proof of delivery
  • Access to file-stamped copies of filings
  • Electronic document service options (e-Serve)
  • Online payment options
  • Email alerts from the court

Electronic court filing is nothing new, but TurboCourt offers an important industry advancement that makes iFiling a vastly superior technology compared to the other efiling tools available.

TurboCourt’s innovative court filing technology uses intelligent, interactive, interviews (thus “iFiling”) and XML data exchanges to create a new court filing frontier. Read more about the differences between efiling and iFiling.

A Dynamic Project History

The Lone Star State has a long history with TurboCourt iFiling, beginning in 2014 where electronic filing of uncontested divorces first became available in Travis County (Austin, TX). Cameron and Williamson Counties soon followed and the TurboCourt stampede was on!

“Improved access to court services via a user-friendly interface that guides filers seamlessly through their court experience is critical part of the justice system vision.”

Many Texas Counties Added, More Coming Soon

As of the publishing date of this article, the Texas statewide roll-out status is as follows:

Counties Launched / Available for Use:

  1. Aransas
  2. Cameron
  3. Hidalgo
  4. Jim Wells
  5. Johnson (for initial filings only)
  6. Midland
  7. Travis
  8. Val Verde
  9. Victoria
  10. Williamson

Counties In Progress:

  1. Johnson (for subsequent filings)
  2. Galveston
  3. Bexar
  4. Harris
  5. Fannin
  6. El Paso

Get Started

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