Award-Winning IV-D Solutions

At the NCSEA 2016 Leadership Symposium in New Orleans, LA, attendees saw live demonstrations of the solution that helped Los Angeles County (the Nation’s Largest IV-D Agency) win 2016 California Child Support Directors Association (CSDA) Outstanding Program Award!

TurboKIDZ has been used by IV-D Agencies and Child Support Departments across the Nation for over a decade.

Read What Los Angeles County Said:

Steven J. Golightly

Steven Golightly, Ph.D. Director, Los Angeles County, CA Child Support Services Dept.

“The CSDA 2016 Outstanding Program Award represents a significant milestone in our quest to enhance access to services for families, continue business process improvements, and utilize analytics and data-centric decision-making to optimize child support operations.

TurboKIDZ, powered by TurboCourt, has assisted us in that quest, and has been a useful tool in helping us improve the efficiency of the application and support modification processes. 

Everything we do in Los Angeles County is focused on enhancing customer service — TurboKIDZ, powered by TurboCourt, helps us do that.”

-Steven Golightly, Ph.D.
Director, Los Angeles County
CA Child Support Services Dept