The New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB) continues to expand its e-Court Program, including mandatory eFiling for Self-Represented Litigants (SRL), using TurboCourt Intelligent Filing Solutions by adding Circuit Civil and Name Change cases in February 2020.

These new case types will join those in Small Claims, Guardian-ships, and Wills & Estate cases in the Circuit Court and the eight Superior Court case types.  TurboCourt and the NHJB embarked on their SRL eFiling partnership in 2014. Since that time NHJB has enjoyed across the board processing efficiencies along with recognition by the National Association for Court Management and the Self-Represented Litigants Network for enabling meaningful access to court services.

The addition of civil and name change cases will further advance the NHJB closer  to its goal of eFiling for all case types, by all filers. Of note, less than 1% of Self-Represented Filers to date include a recusal request, proving the viability and value of mandatory SRL eFiling using the TurboCourt Intelligent Filing Solution.

According to the State Court Administrator’s Office, the TurboCourt impact on eCourt Program provides significant measurable benefits 


  • Reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage, and trips to the clerk’s office
  • Offering the convenience of 24/7 online case filing and automated notifications to case participants
  • Providing speedier access to justice by reducing court case processing time by the reduction in Time to Disposition measures

Bottom Line: The TurboCourt Solution makes it faster and easier to file successfully than in any other way!  

Isn’t time for your court to join NHJB and courts in 18 other states and become part of the TurboCourt Nation?  Plus, you can now preview TurboCourt ‘s new end-to-end Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) module.