Attorneys and individuals can now use TurboCourt to file their Probate filings in the state of Connecticut. Customarily, filings in probate courts are complex and lengthy, which can quickly cause confusion for the individuals without attorney representation. Often, self-represented filers turn to court staff for help, consuming precious court resources and delaying their own filing.

The TurboCourt solution is an easy-to-understand platform.  It gathers all the data and information from the filer. Automatically selects, completes all court forms, calculates the appropriate fees and submits filings electronically to the correct jurisdiction court system.

Automating the financial reconciliation, computations, and documentation was a critical value-add for Connecticut courts. The TurboCourt platform automatically performs all calculations and completes all required forms and financial schedules in entirety.  This saves a tremendous amount of time for both filers and courts alike.