Cover Page - 5 Challenges Facing CA Courts When Serving Self-Represented Filers

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Court systems across the country, and California Courts in particular, have experienced an explosion in the volume of unrepresented or “self-represented” persons appearing in court. Data shows that in California, 91% of small claims, 81% of landlord/tenant disputes, and 35% of family law case types involve at least 1 self-represented person.

With the volume of pro se litigants on the rise, and severe staffing cuts, California Courts are experiencing a crisis serving self-represented litigants. This situation demands an alternative approach to processing the expanding SRL caseloads.

Download this whitepaper, in which we describe five main challenges California Courts face when servicing the increased amount and complexity of self-represented filings. For each challenge, industry experts explain how the right solution can directly address each challenge.

SRL-Related Challenges Facing California Courts:

  1. Untrained filers who require extensive court staff assistance
  2. Mountains of paper filings that fill up courthouse work areas and storage space
  3. Delays in case processing due to inefficient filing processes
  4. Long counter lines and telephone traffic that diverts staff from case processing tasks
  5. Courthouse security concerns from excessive public traffic at court facilities

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