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AZTurboCourt began as part of the vision for the Arizona Supreme Court’s Commission on Technology in 2008, in which they recognized the importance of creating an electronic case filing program to serve Arizona Courts, court users and Arizona Citizens. After extensive review and analysis, the Arizona Judicial Branch selected, Intresys, the developers of TurboCourt, a successful all-user eFiling solution provider, to develop AZTurboCourt in collaboration with the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts.

AZTurboCourt emerged one year later featuring four major eFiling characteristics:

  • As a statewide system for Judicial Branch
  • An E-filing system that could incorporate all types of cases, including those for which no filing fees exist
  • As a court-powered and court-managed system
  • As a full-service, state-of-the-art e-filing system, capable of supplying all the services that court users need, including: case initiation, subsequent filing, electronic payment, e-service, ease-of-use, access for multiple user types

In the following years, AZTurboCourt has met this mandate with a state-of-the-art eFiling solution for filers in the Arizona Supreme Court, Court of Appeals Division One, Maricopa Superior Court for civil subsequent matters and in Pima Superior Courts for both initial and subsequent civil filings.

In addition, AZTurboCourt has served Arizona Justice Courts through its intelligent, interactive guided interviews that produce forms for traditional filing.

The vision that the Arizona Supreme Court’s Commission on Technology had over eight years ago has been realized… and in many ways, surpassed.

AZTurboCourt: a statewide model eFiling system; with advanced, proven, and mature technical functionality, managed by dedicate support programs and staff serving Arizona courts and all filer types, in the past, in the present, and in the future.

AZTurboCourt has been, and continues to be, an approved e-filing system by the
Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts.

AZTurboCourt continues to expand the scope of eFiling services to more Arizona courts

In early May 2017, AZTurboCourt will become available for filers in Yavapai County. As additional counties evolve in their eFiling capabilities, AZTurboCourt will add them as well.

AZTurboCourt will continue to be available for all filer types, including attorney, professional filers and self-represented litigants.

Advanced Features & Benefits of AZTurboCourt

Apart from its time-tested ability to serve Arizona filers and courts, AZTurboCourt has a number of unique and advanced benefits.

AZTurboCourt provides:

  • A single registration process that allows users to file in any state level court in Arizona (as the application becomes available in each of the 15 counties).
  • The ability to pay filing fees and user fees on-line through a secure ePayment module that eliminates the need to travel to a courthouse for financial transactions. Credit card information can also be stored as part of a user’s or organizations profile.
  • The ability to view court case documents from within the AZTurboCourt application once a filing has been made using the application.
  • The ability to copy previous filing information to create a new filing in the same case reducing data entry.
  • The ability for designated users to view all filings submitted by a firm, increasing administrative ease and oversight.
  • Electronic service to registered participants saving time, expense and paper.
  • The ability to waive or defer fees due when an active order has been granted.

A critical success factor for AZTurboCourt has been its advanced training and customer support features. Users may utilize the links below to access AZTurboCourt training tools; including video training and manuals, submit help requests or access the customer support modules for personalized assistance. Filers who prefer to continue using AZTurboCourt do not need to attend any additional training, and will be able to use AZ TurboCourt in all active counties without additional cost or time commitment. Training for new AZTurboCourt e-filers is free and immediately available from Intresys.

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