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Online Q&A

We’ll guide you through an easy-to-follow, personalized interview online.

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Accurate & Complete

We’ll prepare the exact documents you need, accurate and complete.

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Prepare & iFile

We’ll submit filing to court and help you prepare for the next steps

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Prepare and File your court case in 3 easy steps online!
It’s Fast. It’s Simple. It’s TurboCourt.

Relax. We’re In Your Court

Let TurboCourt Help Reduce the Stress of the Legal Process

TurboCourt Interactive Intelligent iFiling provides a quick and easy to use online platform for filing and
managing court documents that is efficient, secure and reliable!

TurboCourt provides you the ability to access documents, initiate or respond to court action 24×7, become empowered to address key issues relevant to your case as well as become educated about the process through an easy to follow format, free of complex language, all from the comforts of your home or local public facility.

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Secure, Online e-Filing Service

Individuals, families, small business owners, attorneys, paralegals, judges, court officials and self-represented litigants all use TurboCourt for fast, convenient, and secure web-based filing and management of court documents.

Guided Interviews with Expert Support

Relax. We’re in Your Court. TurboCourt iFiling guides you through a set of simple questions and answers, then prepares all the required court forms you need. TurboCourt also helps file your case with the court, and explain your next steps.

Serve Documents Electronically

TurboCourt’s e-Serve feature offers an affordable, convenient and reliable means to electronically serve your court documents. It’s court-approved, easy-to-use, and low-cost.

Accurately Determine Filing Fees Due

TurboCourt will calculate your fees automatically and explain what you need to pay for your filing. You can even pay fees online with PayPal, credit cards, or linked bank account. We explain court procedure, in an easy-to-understand manner, with no confusing terms or legal language.

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