January, 2019 – The Connecticut Probate Court Administration has completed a multi-vendor procurement that resulted in the selection of TurboCourt’s award-winning, next generation statewide deployment of electronic filing for all Connecticut probate courts and filers.

Connecticut’s 54 Probate Courts process a wide range of case types including conservatorships, guardianships, estates and trusts, psychiatric commitments, and name changes. The TurboCourt Intelligent Filing and Online Dispute Resolution Platform will enable Connecticut Probate Courts to increase both access to court services for filers and case processing efficiency.

How the TurboCourt Probate Solution helps courts: NACM 2018

The unique value of TurboCourt for probate courts became evident for the Connecticut Probate Administration and attendees at the 2018 National Association for Court Management Annual Conference after seeing the incredible success of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB) in Guardianship and Estate & Wills e-filing. The NHJB has realized improved filer satisfaction, reduced time from filing to disposition, and a significant decrease in staff time required to process TurboCourt filings. Below we outline exactly how TurboCourt transforms probate court filing and elevates case processing to a whole new level.

Improve productivity each step of the case lifecycle

Probate filings contain an enormous amount of data, records and documentation, including financial inventories, periodic accounting, reports etc. These requirements can often continue for months… or even years.

Automating the financial reconciliation, computations and documentation was a critical value-add for New Hampshire courts. The TurboCourt platform automatically performs all calculations and completes all required forms and financial schedules in entirety, which saves a tremendous amount of time for both filers and courts alike. Courts eliminate the need for time-consuming audits on every financial schedule. All filings are accurate and complete the first time and every time.

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Save staff resources and process cases faster

Customarily, filings in probate courts are complex and lengthy, which can quickly cause confusion for the individuals who represent themselves without an attorney (self-represented). Often, self-represented filers turn to court staff for counter or telephone help, consuming precious court resources and delaying filing.

Traditional e-filing lacks intelligent filer assistance functionality, a standard feature of TurboCourt, and, as a result, often creates more work for judges and court staff who have to review and address deficient filings and incomplete forms.  However, with the sophisticated, intelligent e-filing by TurboCourt solution, filers are guided every step of the way, online, 24×7 to produce error free e-filings  with virtually  no court support required. This significantly offloads administrative work from court teams, who can now turn their focus to optimizing case processing.

Easy-to-understand and follow user interaction gathers all the data and information from the filer, automatically selects, completes all court forms, calculates the appropriate fees and submits filings electronically to the correct jurisdiction court system.

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Courts across the nation can realize the same outstanding results achieved by the New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB). The proof is in the data. Since transitioning to TurboCourt, the NHJB has realized:

  • 25% REDUCTION in staff time required for case processing
  • 75% DECREASE in time-to-disposition for certain probate case types

Receive complete and accurate filings, that expand your staff resources

Studies show that 90% of SRL filings require court corrections.

TurboCourt’s intelligent filing technology, with embedded quality control features, produces error-free forms with all attachments that allow your court to be more productive with less staff.

Send automatic notices, case status updates and hearing information

Once submitted, TurboCourt automatically alerts filers with proactive case status notifications, reminders, even helpful instructions when additional case reports and documentation are required. All this contributes to a significant reduction in telephone calls and necessary counter support.

TurboCourt is available for ALL case types: probate, civil, family, domestic violence, traffic, small claims, landlord/tenant and more. Our 20 years of proven experience in court filing automation ensures your court will be up and running quickly in months, not years, and with a high return on investment.

Join Connecticut, New Hampshire and courts in 16 other states by activating TurboCourt!

Contact us to see how you can increase access to court services for your filers while increasing efficiency in your court.

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