Starting March 16, TurboCourt will be available in Citrus County, Florida for pro se litigants to use as a “do-it-yourself” method to draft and generate legal forms for a fee to be filed with the clerk’s office.

“Navigating the court system without an attorney is challenging,” Citrus County Clerk of the Courts Angela Vick said in a news release. “To help those who cannot afford or choose to not have an attorney, I am thrilled to announce this new service.”

TurboCourt can be used for cases involving divorce, domestic violence (no fee), small claims and evictions.

Once a litigant has found their case type, TurboCourt guides them through a questionnaire to automatically complete forms, which, after paying a convenience fee, can be printed and filed with the clerk’s office.

TurboCourt fees, which are separate from the clerk’s filing fees, can be paid using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.