With help from TurboKIDZ iFiling technology, Contra Costa County, CA Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) was honored with the 2016 Outstanding Program Award at the Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA) Annual Conference. This Award recognizes Contra Costa County for consistently exemplifying quality child support services to its constituency and community.

In 2015 specifically, Contra Costa had the highest increase in total distributed collections statewide at 5.61% increase over the prior year. 

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When deciding the winner, CSDA Judges looked for:

  • Innovative business processes
  • State-established performance measures exceeded
  • Cost effectiveness of operations
  • Increased child support collections

“Thank you, TurboKIDZ, for being a part of our success. Our partnership with you has been a key component for achieving this Award. With you, our success has no end!”

– Contra Costa County, California Department Child Support Services

TurboKIDZ is a leading provider of web-based services for child support agencies nationwide, and has proudly served Contra Costa County DCSS for over 10 years.

Do You Need to Increase Collections?

Child Support Departments across the country are increasing collections and realizing a high return on investment from interactive, guided online interviews that provide:

  • 24×7 Access from Any Computer, Anywhere
  • Virtual Self-Help Resources
  • 100% Error-Free Applications
  • Go Green! Eliminate Paperwork
  • Reduce Storage Costs

All information and required forms are submitted accurately, the first time! Don’t waste time tracking down information. Departments receive error-free applications that can be delivered to any assigned work queue.

Agency Benefits:

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Revenue

Join Contra Costa County DCSS and others who have revolutionized the way they process child support cases with iFiling. Help your team become an Award-Winning Agency, too, while you increase revenue, improve customer service and enhance child support operations.

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