TurboKIDZ Celebrates Child Support Awareness Month

August 2016 is Child Support Awareness Month and TurboKIDZ wants to celebrate all the dedicated child support agencies and courts, who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of parents and children across the country.

Award-Winning Child Support Solutions

We also want to congratulate two of our long-time California clients: Contra Costa County and Los Angeles County, for each receiving the 2016 Outstanding Program Award from the California Child Support Directors Association (CSDA).

Read our blog to hear directly from agency leaders.

Agencies Increase Collections and Distributions

Child support agencies play an integral role in providing for the wellbeing of children and families, as well as supporting the economic security, health and safety of every community nationwide.

DID YOU KNOW? In 2015, California’s child support program collected and distributed $2.3 billion in child support for 1.3 billion children and families, an increase of $31 million or 1.4 percent over the previous year. Learn More…

Simplify Complex Applications Process with Advanced Automation Tools

The child support process can be complicated and time-consuming. It all begins with filing an initial application; a process that is complex and usually confusing for most parents.

Understaffed child support offices can benefit greatly from advanced automation tools that increase access to services and improve office efficiency.

TurboKIDZ provides parents with:

  • Online application services
  • Guided Q&A style interview
  • Virtual self-help and on-screen instructions
  • Automatically create required forms
  • Alerts, notices and messages that keep applicants informed

Agencies benefit from TurboKIDZ:

  • Business process efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce the staff resources required to instruct applicants
  • Access electronic case review of submitted forms and documents

Hear What Our Clients Said

“Thank you, TurboKIDZ, for being a part of our success. Our partnership with you has been a key component for achieving this Award. With you, our success has no end!”

Contra Costa County, California Department Child Support Services


“The CSDA 2016 Outstanding Program Award represents a significant milestone in our quest to enhance access to services for families, continue business process improvements, and utilize analytics and data-centric decision-making to optimize child support operations.

TurboKIDZ, powered by TurboCourt, has assisted us in that quest, and has been a useful tool in helping us improve the efficiency of the application and support modification processes. Everything we do in Los Angeles County is focused on enhancing customer service — TurboKIDZ, powered by TurboCourt, helps us do that.”

Steven Golightly, Ph.D. Director, Los Angeles County, CA Child Support Services Dept.

Turbo charge your child support operations with TurboKIDZ

Please join TurboCourt & TurboKIDZ in celebrating Child Support Awareness Month.

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