“Moving towards a paperless court system will be more efficient and economical, creating greater accessibility for citizens,”

-Supreme Court Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis

June, 2014: The New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB) has selected Intresys, Inc., the developers of TurboCourt, to supply their private-­cloud software for the NH e­ Court Project. TurboCourt will enable government filers, self­represented, parties to cases, individuals and businesses to file and retrieve court documents electronically. Intresys, the nation’s leading supplier of Interactive Intelligent e­-filing technology, is coming to New Hampshire’s Trial Court system in July 2014.

“The NH e­Court Project is the top administrative priority of the Judicial Branch and our new contract with Intresys is a huge step toward a paperless court system that will be more efficient, more economical and more accessible to our citizens,” Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis said.

The contracts for e­-filing software were awarded to Intresys and Tyler Technologies (selected to provide system interface geared toward attorney filings) after a competitive bidding process involving five software vendors. Intresys via TurboCourt is currently processing over 100,000 e-­filing cases in many states, including Arizona, California and New York to name a few. Since 2004, NHJB has used Tyler Odyssey case management system, which will communicate with TurboCourt via ECF4 standard.

TurboCourt’s award­-winning e-­Filing platform features guided interview technology and a data­-centric design that delivers more information, automation and a greater level of efficiency for NH courts. This brings vast service options and significant cost savings to the court. By using best­-of-­breed products from Intresys and Tyler, NHJB has pioneered creating a more efficient and economical paperless e-Court system.

“The ease with which we will be able to integrate Tyler’s Odyssey with TurboCourt’s e­Filing system was the most efficient, and cost effective route for us to take in launching the NH e­Court Project,” according to Peter Croteau, the court system’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Croteau highlighted Intresys as the “industry leader” in providing a software package that compliments traditional e­-filing with step-­by-­step guidance for non-­lawyers, or “pro se” individuals, who are filing pleadings electronically. He also stated that self­ represented litigants are involved in almost 3 out of 4 trial court cases filed and more than 95% of small claims cases.

“Our vendors were selected from a very competitive field. We look forward to configuring a state­-of­-the-­art, secure, end­-to-­end electronic information system for our courts that greatly reduces costly paper handling while improving services for citizens who use the court,” Mr. Croteau said.

Intresys President, Tania Wasser echoed Croteau’s enthusiasm for the project, by stating “We are delighted to be a part of this top­-notch team with NHJB and Tyler and jointly deliver a seamless e-­Court platform to New Hampshire Judiciary and its constituents.” Subsequent to Small Claims, which are scheduled to go live July 2014, TurboCourt will provide intelligent guided forms in many other civil cases.

For the past two years, NH e­Court Project Team has worked with industry experts to redesign traditional business practices within the court system in preparation for establishing a new, streamlined electronic filing system. That redesign, applied to the vendors e­-filing systems, will ultimately eliminate the court’s paper-bound filing systems around the state, improving workflow and freeing up scarce building space that has long been reserved for storage of court files.

About Intresys

Intresys is a leading software and services company specializing in e-­Government solutions using its unique technology to help clients generate revenue, optimize efficiency and deliver effective e-­Court services to constituents. In 2000, Intresys emerged as a market leader with the introduction of it’s flagship product, TurboCourtTM, which provides self­-represented litigants access to electronic filing solutions, and by automating case intake and processing for courts and agencies in federal, state and local governments. TurboCourt configurations cater to law firms, attorneys, individuals, businesses and government filers.

TurboCourt is a private cloud­based, interactive intelligent platform empowering the constituent and agency to conduct e­Government commerce including document preparation, assembly and access, electronic filing, service, online payments, notifications & alerts, and more. TurboCourt features exclusive interactive virtual interview technology that has proven to automate any complex data intake process.

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