Too many individuals across the nation face the pain and fear of domestic violence. President Barack Obama has proclaimed October 2016 as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

TurboCourt is proud to help victims access support, including filing protection orders online, quickly and effectively. TurboCourt Domestic Violence clients in California, Oregon, Florida and Illinois, have revolutionized the way that they serve domestic violence victims using advanced iFiling technology. You can too!

Click the link below to see how agencies across the nation are revolutionizing the way that they offer services to victims of domestic violence and process those petitions more quickly and efficiently through the TurboCourt Domestic Violence

Prepare and file protection orders online

No matter how complex the case may be, TurboCourt’s iFiling solution provides victims with online support and advanced features to simplify the filing process, while guiding them through the legal steps.

The TurboCourt iFiling Solution provides a collaborative tool for petitioners, victim support organizations and centers to utilize state of the art interactive and intelligent guided interviews that automatically prepare all required forms and documents.

Complete and error-free petitions can be printed or delivered electronically to designated work review queues at the court for review processing and acceptance. Court staff can automatically send messages and even notices of scheduled hearings directly to petitioners, without requiring the victim to travel to the courthouse. Moreover, orders can be electronically delivered to law enforcement for service.


Avoid re-traumatizing victims

TurboCourt iFiling helps victims of domestic violence feel they are not alone. Victims can receive assistance without frequently traveling to courthouses or other facilities.

Other benefits for victims & courts:

  • Increased safety
  • Immediate access
  • Automatic notifications
  • Child support assistance
  • Petition restraining orders
  • Alerts victims when order has been served

Improve court services

Many states, such as Florida and Oregon have successfully implemented and utilized this platform. One common finding was that TurboCourt freed up court personnel of additional work, which in turn allowed a more effective utilization of the court’s time.

Courts can review and accept petitions via the TurboCourt eDelivery module, communicate with fliers, schedule hearings and even conduct hearings remotely, all without requiring the victim to travel to the courthouse.

This tool also places an emphasis on the safety of the victim. For example, the Multnomah County Courthouse is perceived as unsafe for many victims. Now with TurboCourt, those victims are able to safely handle all court issues remotely.

Ninety percent of Multnomah County’s restraining orders are now submitted through TurboCourt.

Hear one Judge’s experience

The Portland Oregon Ordinance No. 186005 stated, “It has been a very successful implementation.”

“Benefits to the court include the reduced staff time providing assistance, plus the basic legibility of the text,” explained Judge McKnight.


Help survivors seek justice

Join TurboCourt, and many of your court and community partners who have activated the TurboCourt Domestic Violence Protective Order Solution; an easy, convenient and confidential way to prepare court forms online to obtain various Orders of Protection.

Click on the button below and learn how you can help survivors seek justice. Help by creating a completely electronic domestic violence solution that brings together and shares data between courts, parties, advocates, and law enforcement.

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