Life has many challenging times, but perhaps none more difficult than when a family experiences a death, or other circumstances  that require appointment of a guardian or conservator. Navigating through a Probate Court during these highly emotional times can add a lot of additional stress to a grieving family. Probate court cases can be complicated and complex, filled with confusing legal processes, multiple forms to complete, and voluminous documents to file. Most probate matters require several trips to the courthouse before your case can even be filed!

Overwhelmed By Paperwork, While Overcome with Emotions

Probate Courts are among the oldest courts in the country and play an important role in the American judicial system. Typically, they are responsible for handling cases involving estates of decedents, appointment and supervision of conservators for incapacitated adults, guardianships, emancipation of minors, or certain mental health matters. Traditionally, these are paper-intensive case types that require an exceptional amount of information to be submitted to the probate court on a number of complicated financial forms.

Most often, families in these situation do not have the time, knowledge or emotional mindset to weed through probate court forms, instructions and make multiple trips to a courthouse to file papers.

Electronic Filing Offers Help

The good news is advanced technology has been developed to assist Probate filers. TurboCourt provides a new way to interact with Probate Courts: Probate  i-Filing: Intelligent, Interactive and Integrated Probate Court Filing Technology.

TurboCourt Probate i-Filing technology combines virtual self-help instructions with a self-guided online interview that assists filers in Probate matters by asking a series of non-legal questions about their situation. Filer provides answers, and through advanced programming, these answers are used to automatically complete all required court forms! No guessing which forms to select, where to put the information or what documents to bring to the courthouse. Also, TurboCourt performs all financial calculations for you. No rejected forms due to your math errors or missing information. TurboCourt i-Filing guides you through all for preparation, proactively alerts you if a mistake is made, and tells you what additional supporting documents to attach (i.e. bank statements, death certificates, etc.).

Save Precious Time In Probate Court

In a family crisis or death, the one thing you don’t have is time. No time to take off from work, drive to a courthouse, wait in lines, be placed on hold waiting for answers to your questions, and certainly no time to do this over and over while you struggle to understand probate forms. TurboCourt Probate i-Filing saves you time and affords a little peace-of-mind during a difficult period, by allowing you to prepare your court case from any computer with internet access, anytime, anywhere, with state-of-the-art virtual self-help and auto calculation.

Now, no wasted time and expense driving to the courthouse. You can read detailed instructions, complete the guided interview online, and then, file your documents electronically directly to the Probate Court, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Case Tracking, Notifications & Updates Online

Once you filed, tracking your Probate case used to mean trips to the courthouse for in-person meetings or hours on hold waiting for telephone assistance. TurboCourt Probate i-Filing provides email notices, informing you of the status of your filing, hearing and meeting dates, notices if additional information or documents must be provided (These can be sent back to the court electronically through the TurboCourt portal), and status updates on your case.

Death, disabilities and mental health issues are stressful. TurboCourt Probate i-Filing provides comfort, security, and convenience to probate filers when they need it most.

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