Include More Case Participants in Your General Civil Filings Using AZTurboCourt

Effective immediately, when initiating a General Civil case using AZTurboCourt, you can include up to 10 attorneys, 50 plaintiffs, and 50 defendants in your filing!

In addition, when filing documents in your existing case, if you need to add case parties you can list up to 50 new people.

This is a significant increase from the previous version in the number of parties you can include in your General Civil actions.

This enhancement is available in all Superior Courts using AZTurboCourt (excluding Maricopa).

We’ve added new dates to our training schedule. Scroll down to view the training dates & click to register.

General Civil- Filer Training Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know to prepare and electronically file documents for initiating and subsequent AZ Civil filing actions.

Upcoming Filer Training (Arizona Time Zone):
April 18th @ 1:30pm
April 25th @ 1:30pm
May 1st @ 1:30pm
May 22nd @ 1:30pm
May 30th @ 1:30pm

Training includes:

  • Managing Your Profile
  • Initiating Filings
  • Filing into Existing Cases
  • Comparing County Filing Requirements
  • E-Payments
  • E-Service
  • Subpoenas
  • Credit Cards & Bank Accounts
  • Financial Reports
  • Tips & Tricks for Creating Filings Faster

Interactive, too! You can ask questions throughout the training. This allows you to expand your knowledge.

Register for Filer Training Here → 

General Civil – Administrator Training Masterclass

Upcoming Administrator Training (Arizona Time Zone):

April 24th  @   2:00 pm
May 2nd   @  10:30 am
May 23rd  @  10:30 am

Training includes:

  • Registration
  • Managing Your Organization Profile and Contacts
  • Setting Up and Managing Users
  • Managing & Assigning Credit Cards and Bank Accounts
  • Financial Reports
  • Filing Reports
  • Accessing Court Dockets & Conformed Copies of Documents

​​​​​​​Interactive, too! You can ask questions throughout the training. This allows you to expand your knowledge.

Register for Administrator Training Here → 

Can’t make these dates?

We’ve got you covered!

If you can’t make these training dates, no problem! Register anyway, and we’ll email you a recording of the masterclass training so you can watch it at your own convenience or share it with colleagues.