Take the guesswork out of varying filing requirements with AZTurboCourt’s 3 Approaches Quick-Guide!

When filing documents in an Arizona general civil action, there are three unique sets of requirements (approaches) based on which Superior Court you are filing into. Each jurisdictional approach affects many things, e.g. what you can file, how to file, what information you need to provide, what documents are required, etc.

AZTurboCourt models each jurisdiction’s approach for you – guiding you so you meet their requirements for case initiation and subsequent filings.

We’ve created the AZTC 3 Approaches Quick-Guide for you.  It shows you at-a-glance the differences between the counties – the Maricopa approach, the Pima approach, and the All Other Counties approach.

Click here to get your copy now!  Print it out to keep at your computer.

Online Training Available Now

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General Civil – Filer Training Master Class

Learn everything you need to know to prepare and electronically file documents for initiating and subsequent AZ Civil filing actions.

Training includes:

  • Initiating Filings
  • Filing into Existing Cases
  • Comparing County Filing Requirements
  • E-Payments
  • Credit Cards & Bank Accounts
  • E-Service
  • Subpoenas
  • Managing Your Profile
  • Financial Reports
  • Tips & Tricks for Creating Filings Faster

Interactive, too! You can ask questions throughout the training. This allows you to expand your knowledge.


  • Sep 20th   @  1:30 pm
  • Oct 4th      @  1:30 pm
  • Oct 17th    @  1:30 pm

*All times are Arizona Time Zone

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General Civil – Administrator Training Masterclass

Masterclass Training includes:

Creating Your Firm’s AZTurboCourt Account

Company Administrator Functionality:

  • Adding and Managing Users
  • Managing Your Organization Profile and Contact Info
  • Setting Up Oversight Inboxes for Inbound e-Filing and e-Service Notifications

Filing Administrator Functionality:

  • Accessing & Viewing Filings Across Your Entire Organization – by Filer, by Client, by Case and more…
  • Creating & Exporting Real-Time Filing Reports
  • Accessing Court Dockets & Conformed Copies of Documents

Financial Administrator Functionality:

  • Creating Saved Payment Methods (Credit Cards & Bank Accounts)
  • Managing Saved Payment Methods and Granting Access to Your Users
  • Creating & Exporting Real-Time Financial Reports
  • Receiving Financial Reports via Email

Interactive, too! You can ask questions throughout the training. This allows you to expand your knowledge.


  • Sep 21st    @  1:30 pm
  • Oct 3rd      @  1:30 pm
  • Oct 16th     @  1:30 pm
*All times are Arizona Time Zone
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